Who am I?

I am a interesting chick with a passion for design. A mother to two very expressive human beings which I am extremely proud of. My biggest accomplishment in life is bringing my kids into this world and making sure they don't kill themselves. My family comes first.

I have a passion for the growth and development of people as well. Things that bring joy to my life is being able to bring the vision of my clients to fruition. I enjoy other aspects of life like DIY (I share my ideas with my husband and he builds them), cooking & baking (not because I'm forced to do it) and interior decoration.

I consider myself a bit of a comedian or someone still on path of mastering the art of sarcasm. Might not be liked by all who have the special privilege of encountering me but who cares...so long as I laugh at my own jokes.

Why this route?

From drawings in primary school to graffiti in high school note books...my mom seemed to think I always had that creative streak. Moms are always right!

I started trying to build a career as a Graphic Designer doing short Courses at City Varsity. Built a portfolio for myself and went around interviewing for internships. Unlucky me...my designs were never asthetically pleasing enough. It never got my down, I had a dream so I kept hussling. Did a short course in Web Design and resigned from my admin job to freelance.

I built websites for clients and learnt so much more. I wanted to push myself further and started studying toward my Bachelors Degree in Arts, specializing in Multimedia. Then I got married, got a job as a Junior Web Developer and popped out the first baby, so the Degree went on hold (still on hold).

Point I'm trying to make, I love design & development...I would not change this path.

What is my experience?

The below pretty much sums up my experience in Tech.

Freelance Web Design & Development - 3years

Web Developer - 3 years

Software Development Team Lead - 2 years

Software Development Manager - current

Agile Methodology - 2 years

I pride myself on being able to contribute to the Personal Development of others.

Tech Stack

Primarily focused on front-end development, languages include HTML, CSS & Jquery. Over the years I have learned skills like Organisation, Planning, Communication, Relationship building & Mentorship.

I am a certified Scrum Master. Worked with tools like Jira, Kibana, TFS and am open to more tools & tech stacks to provide a suitable product for my clients.

Scrum Master Certification