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Most of the websites I built were many years ago. So if you see a website below consisting of tables, don't be alarmed. The reason why I display these websites is bacause during the builds, my clients were involved in every step. Unfortunately for some, they have had to have their websites updated and I was unable to assist due to other commitments.

Simons Town Backpackers website design
Kaleidoscope website design
Deetlefs website design
Grey Blade website design


Designing Logos has been a fun experience for me because you get to learn so much more about your client & their business interests and how you can add value. The process is exciting & clients get to envision their business & bring their goals to fruition with your contribution.

Beyond Design logo design
Smooth Runnings logo design
Love Handles logo design
G2G Productions logo design

Digital Art

The pieces I created were either concepts to practice various things, whether is was to gain more experience on Photoshop or brush up on some painting skills, or toward University projects. Here you have the freedom to make creations out of ideas.

Mixed media art - photoshop & painting
Digital art - photoshop
More digital art - photoshop
Digital art - messing with light & texture


Not professionally done videos, but during my studies at UNISA, I was exposed to everything from conceptualizing, story boarding & video editing. If you would like to see some of this university project work please check out my portfolio below.